About us

TRUSTEC-Energy is a young company in the solar energy technology

The technical know-how of the company's founder Manfred Herrmann, who has worked for over 25 years in the electrical engineering field has gathered.

TRUSTEC is trying the techniques used to always keep on the cutting edge of technology. For questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Trust creates trust • Energy creates energy

Definition of our tasks:


We are operating via our regional TRUSTEC partners and the firms specialized in the solar business within each in individual country, covering the fields of solar, energy storage and wind power technology.

Thanks to our network of specialized solar companies, we are now in the position to offer high-quality, state-of–the-art technology and at the same time a safe and easy constructional process, thus increasing the share of solar current, at the same time caring for environmental protection and continuously replacing the share of fossil fuels burnt.

Corporate philosophy:

TRUST creates Energy, at the advantage of all participants, such as investors, sales partners and TRUSTEC as your supplier and partner:

Vertrauen schafft Energie - TRUST creates Energy

Trustec Energy GmbH


Development of specific solar plant systems based on 25 years of experience within the field of solar power and battery technology that is reflected in our solar-product range.

Development and creation of solar energy sets and energy storage implying simple and inexpensive energy generation for everybody.

Planning, design and support on construction of specific solar-, wind- and storage plants up to the medium voltage range for our TRUSTEC partners and traders, including our large-scale constructors.

Selection of qualified manufacturers (particularly from Europe) for the TRUSTEC-Grid-Inverter PLATINUM-DIEHL/AKO Technology (Warranty 10 years up to opt. 20 years).