Infrared heating technology

Trustec WMT is heating for the future

Inovation in generating heat has a new name: TRUSTEC WMT.

The costeffective infrared panels converting up to 97% of supplied energy into radiated heat, the panels achieve maximum warmth generation at a minimal rating.

Alternative energy sources are becoming more and more importance. With TRUSTEC WMT heating technology you are already on the right path for climate protection and sustainability (e.g. through combination with our TRUSTEC E-HYB energy storage solution*). Intelligent individual room control (e.g. through combination with our TRUSTEC Webmaster Pro*) guarantees additional saving potential in your own home)


Wake up to a warm soothing sensation! Made possible through modern infrared technology.


Spend your day sampling the pleasant temperatures of this modern, healthy form of heating.

Infrarot Classic Panels:

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Infrarot Fußbodenpaneele:

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Infrarot Schreibtisch Paneele:

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Take controll of your own well being! Enjoy perfect temperatures with the TRUSTEC WMT infrared bathroom panel.


Lie back relax and feel good: optimised warmth from WMT comfort heating systems.

Infrarot Badezimmerpaneele:

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Infrarot Design Paneele:

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Infrared heating principle

...Radiant heat makes the difference

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 TRUSTEC WMT Infrared heating system

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Convection heating

TRUSTEC WMT Quality from Austria


Made in Austria

TRUSTEC WMT products are produced exclusively in Austria! Using top quality materials and components, our policy of local production adds value by guaranteeing the best quality.


Quality is our trademark

Numerous seals for quality and confimity standards back up WMT´s promise of high quality far beyond legal requirements. Working as members of leading industry think-tanks, our engineers are contributing to advanced technological developments in energy efficiency and enviromental protection standards. As a consequence of our high quality promise, WMT offers our customers a 5 year guarantee* on infrared Heating products.

 *In accordance with WMT product information.