Infrared floor panels

Your island of warmth

Infrared floor panels generate gentle radiated warmth directly under the flooring surface, creating pleasant „island of warmth“, even in exposed spaces such as conservatories.

With only 3mm of added flooring thickness, the infrared floor panels are also ideally suited for retrofitting the bathrooms and wellnes areas.

  • contemporary - TRUSTEC WMT panels are laid directly under the floor or behind the wall surface. The warmth can be felt even after only a few minutes
  • soothing - enjoy the uniform and natural radiated warmth in the perfect range
model size (cm) capacity
TDGP65 65x65 ~300W
TDGP130S 134x40 ~400W
TDGP113 115x57 ~500W
TWDP150 153x65 ~800W
  •  Reduced cleareance
  • height (only 3 mm)
  • short warmth-up time
  • Genuine radiated warmth

Control and operating accesories


TRUSTEC WMT offers numerous user friendly solutions for operating your heating units, from rocker-switches to the comforts of remote control. The panels can be integrated at anytime with an existing heating system. We are happy to provide you with personal consultation.

Moreover, the individual room controls pay for themselves through the potential for additional energy savings.