Infrarot Classic panels

Energy efficient heating solutions and timeless design:

Due to the unique flatpanel technology our beautifully designed panels integrate harmoniously into every living space and provide soothing temperatures to suit you - as fitted installations or during transitional periods. Radiant avoids dust and dry air - in particular, children and people suffering from allergies benefit from the healthy room climate.

  • Economical - low costs
  • Effective - up to 97% of energy supplied is converted to radiated heat, ensuring a low mains rating
  • Simple - easy mounting in portrait or landscape format
Model size (cm) capacity
TWDP65 63x63 ~300W
TWDP80 78x73 ~400W
TWDP130S 132x38 ~400W
TWDP113 113x55 ~500W
TWDP115 115x63 ~600W
TWDP150 151x63 ~800W


Unlimited design possibilites:
Individual finish in any RAL color available on request.

Control and operating accesories


TRUSTEC WMT offers numerous user friendly solutions for operating your heating units, from rocker-switches to the comforts of remote control. The panels can be integrated at anytime with an existing heating system. We are happy to provide you with personal consultation.

Moreover, the individual room controls pay for themselves through the potential for additional energy savings.