Infrared Design panels

Heating with style

For connoisseurs of modern design and innovative heating solutions!
Enjoy the pleasant warmth from exclusive TRUSTEC WMT Design Panels and personalised style through highquality visual design.

Indirect LED illumination provides an enjoyable atmosphere in every room.

  • modern design – you‘ll be fascinated by our frameless glass panel with its fashion appeal and elegant illumination
  • exclusiv - create design features in your living area and give it a certain something
  • pleasant warmth - TRUSTEC WMT Design Panels entice you to relax in a healthy room climate while giving you full personal control
model size (cm) capacity
TDGP651 54x54 ~225W
TDGP130S 62x62 ~300W
TDGP1131 77x72 ~450W
TWDP1501 62x40 ~200W


1 Available as a mirror variant
Infrared Design panels are available with optional LED lighting:

  • 6mm sapphire crystal safety catch
  • duration Tested

Control and operating accesories


TRUSTEC WMT offers numerous user friendly solutions for operating your heating units, from rocker-switches to the comforts of remote control. The panels can be integrated at anytime with an existing heating system. We are happy to provide you with personal consultation.

Moreover, the individual room controls pay for themselves through the potential for additional energy savings.