BOSCH BPT-S inverter

Setting the standard for isolated string inverters.

The  single-phase string inverters of the BPT-S series set new standards in terms of ease of use and analysis opportunities. New communication interfaces allow a fast and fault-free initial operation and simplified remote analysis.


  • simplified start of operation through RFID
  • Remote diagnosis in case of services
  • Integrated data logger
  • Maintenance-free cooling concept
  • optimal efficiency thanks to transformerless topology
  • Innovative, high-quality and elegant housing

Thanks to touchless RFID technology, the installer is able to set the valid country parameters in seconds during the initial operation of a Bosch inverter . The eKey just the size of a credit card, is held up to the marked field in order to transfer the data. This rules out any faults in the settings.

The wide entry voltage range of 170 V to 750 V ensures very high flexibility in the planning of the PV generator. Additionally, the number of MPP trackers is optimally set to the performance of the solar modules. Together with the new MPP procedure, this allows very high yields. The innovative and intelligent service switch provides additional operational safety. Before switching, the inverter checks the installation on the DC and AC side. If there is an error message during operation, the PV generator is automatically disconnected from the inverter.

the integrated data logger function records all data and makes it available in graphical form  in the e.Web monitoring portal. Additionally, a visualisation is possible on smartphones with the e.UserApp. Along with the display of performance data, individual parameters are also available via the internet. The equally integrated set-up tool e.Data helps to avoid service calls or to more precisely plan them in advance.

the new maintenance-free cooling concept PowerCool optimises the heat distribution of the inverter. The innovative cooling and the use of components according to the highest Bosch quality standards permits a long life cycle of the inverter. Theft protection is integrated into an easy to use installation of the inverters.

Completed by the Bosch service concept, the continuously seamless operation of the photovoltaics system is realisable.

Typ BPT- S 3 BPT- S 3,68 BPT-S 4 BPT- S 4,6
PV power for design ratio 1.15 3,4 kWp 4,2 kWp 4,6 kWp 5,3 kWp
Max. DC-input power per MPP tracker 3,2 kW 3,9 kW 4,2 kW 4,8 kW
Max. allowable input voltage 750 V
Max. MPP voltage 500 V
MPP voltage range 170V
MIn.input voltage / start voltage 100 V / 125 V
Min MPP voltage according to DIN EN50524 270 V 330 V 2 x 180 V 2 x 210 V
Max.MPP current per input 11,6 A
Max. allowable current per input 16,3 A
number of independent MPP trackers 1 1 2 2
DC connections 1 x 1 1 x 1 2 x 1 2 x 1
Design of DC connection inkl. DC mating connector , SUNCLIX
Compatibility with PV modules c-Si, CIS ( unearthed PV generator )
Voltage range 184 - 265 V
Measured grid voltage 230 V
Max. output current 13,0 A 16,0 A 17,4 A 20,0 A
Measured power 3,0 kW 3,68 kW 4,0 kW 4,6 kW
Max. apparent power 3,0 kVA 3,68 kVA 40, kVA 4,6 kVA
Frequency area 47 Hz - 52 Hz
Power factor cos. phi 0,9 inductive ... 0,9 capacitive
compatible grid types TN - grid / TT - grid
AC connection incl. AC plug included
Type of infeed single-phase
Distortion factor < 4,5 %
Stand by /night power consumption ca. 1 W
Topology transformerless
Max. efficiency factor -97%
EU efficiency factor 96,10% 96,10% 96,50% 96,50%
Short-circuit and fault current monitoring integrated (Isolationsmeasurment + fault current protective switch sensitive
to universal current according to EN 62109-2)
DC circuit breaker integrated ( electo-mechanical )
DC-polarity protection integrated ( autom. mesurement dof DC-votage prevents switch
during incorrect polarity )
DC-input surge diverter class 3 varistors
Overvoltage category (according EC60664-1) III ( AC-side ) / II ( DC-side )
Protection class according to IEC 62103 class I
Dimension in mm ( LxBxH ) 620x414x170 620x414x170 620x530x180 620x530x180
Weight (without accessories and packaging) 17 kg 17 kg 24 kg 24 kg
Interfaces 1xEthernet,RFID 1xEthernet,RFID 2xEthernet, RFID 2xEthernet, RFID


fulfilled requirements/clearance at hand: VDE AR-N4105-2011; VDE0126-1-1-2013,

Interference emission/resistance EMV: DIN EN61000-6-2-2006+A1 2011; DIN EN61000-6-3-2006+A1 2011

Device safety: DIN EN62109-1-2011; DIN EN62109-2-2012 , EN60950-1-2011 Conformity and approval: CE,

Radio regulations: ETSI EN301489-1-2011; ETSI EN301-489-3-2002; ETSI EN300330-2-2010; ETSI EN302291-2-2005

Connection options for ripple control receiver: combined with optional accessories

housing material: high-quality special plastic; Typ of installation: wall instalation with wall-mounting; Protection type EN602529: IP65

Cooling: free convection; permissible operation area: -25°C bis +60°C; Excess temperature behaviour: continous power reduction (derating); Relative air humidity: 4-100%(climateclass 4K6) non condensing; Installation altidute above NN: up to 3000m;

Place of installation: inside& outside; Manufacturer warranty: 5 years - opt. extenable 10/15/20 years; Monitoring settings: integr. datalogger; Display: LCD (2x16 characters), back-lit, status LEDs; Connection toOnlineportal:  via Ethernet (encorded)


All specifications are subject to change without notice. There can be no liability for possible printing, translation and / or further transmission errors