BOSCH e.Control

The e.Control enables system operators to make efficient use of the energy produced by PV systems, increasing consumption of the power they generate themselves and reducing the amount of power they draw from the grid at the same time. Connecting, for example, a heat pump makes it possible to convert electrical energy into thermal energy and use it at a later point.

e.Control enables the energy produced by a system to be used in the optimum way to meet personal requirements. This takes place if there is a surplus of energy by operating additional consumers (e.g. heat pump or heating element) at specific times. This allows the appropriate switch-on values to be configured according to each consumer. The input power can be permanently reduced to between 0 and 100% depending on the energy supplier's requirements. The energy generated continues to be available for personal consumption as well.

The e.Control is compatible with all inverters in the BPT-S series and can be connected to the inverter either via a switch or directly, meaning that flexible connection options are available. The e.Control has two dry switch contacts for connection to two consumers. If a heat pump (HP) has an interface labelled "SG Ready Smart Heat Pumps", the e.Control can be connected to the HP directly. Alternatively, the two can communicate via an additional "PV contact" module, which can be obtained from the manufacturer of the HP.

Energy flows are displayed transparently in e.Data (web server), e.Web (online portal) and e.UserApp (app). This allows the system operator to call up the system's current status from anywhere at any time.

The system can be commissioned and configured extremely easily via the integrated e.Data web server. It is not necessary to install any software for this.

Supply voltage 7,5 V DC , + / - 5 % / 500 mA
Power consumption max. 3,5 W
Protection type IP 21 in accordance with EN 60529
Permissible ambient temperature - 20 bis + 60 ° C
Relative air moiture (non condensing) 0 to 95 %
Dimensions W x H x D 150 x 180 x 50 mm
Weight 0,5 kg
Installation Wall top-hat rail
Update via Ethernet
Inverter Ethernet
Router / Switch Ethernet
Impulse counter SO
Electronic household electricity meter DO
Switchable consumer 2 dry switching contacts
integrated web server e. Data
Energy management Control the energy within a system
Permanet power reduction * Input power limted to 0 - 100 % by oncorporating consumption of self-generated power