BOSCH e.web

e.Web is an innovative Internet portal for the monitoring and analysis of PV systems with components from Bosch Power Tec. The efficient remote monitoring also ensures a very high operational reliability. The sustained power generation can be experienced and rendered transparent thanks to the graphic visualisation.

The e.Web portal is a user-friendly solution that makes a whole range of component and performance data relating to the photovoltaic system available to the system operator at all times via the Internet. Detailed analyses of yield-relevant parameters in addition to variance comparisons are displayed in clear graphic illustrations.

If there are performance deviations, then the system operator and optionally another person, such as service technicians, are informed.  This enables malfunctions to be detected early, and measures can be initiated immediately to prevent losses of yield.

New functions of the e.Web portals contribute to the effective own consumption of the electric power generated by the PV plant. An overview of the costs for drawn electricity as well as savings through own consumption add to the charts for feed-in and own consumption yields. This way the power consumption can easily be optimised resulting in a possible cost reduction.
Use the free test access at and convince yourself of the comprehensive facilities for the monitoring and analysis of your photovoltaic system. In addition, the e.UserApp is a mobile monitoring solution for iPhone and iPad.

Display Internet portal with clear and intuitive graphic user interface
Analysis options Energy yields, irradiation / temperature CO 2-saving, , variance comparison of yield values,
display of standardised yields kWh/kWp
System-related information System size, feed-in tariffs, system components, location display,
system photos, administration of multible systems
Dataexport Excel,IPEG,or PNG
Fault management Service notification by e-mail and App in the event of photovoltaic system malfunctions
Registration Simple registration of a new system in the e.Web portal using the online contact form User-
friendly registration and administration of small and large systems
Settings Configuration of BPT-S 5 Hybrid via remote access directly in the e.Web -portal
Browser all common Internet Browser
Other requirements Javascript and Cookies must been enable ( Browser`s default settings)